Jesus Christ Is Coming Again!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it: Jesus Christ is coming again! Many people are interested about what the Bible says about Christ’s second coming. Have you ever wondered what it will be like before Christ’s returns? Well, I have, and the Scriptures provide answers. I’d like to briefly share three thoughts of what it will be like before Christ’s return.

Before Christ’s return, the world will have no concern of God’s indignation (Matt. 24:37-39). In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ responds to a question the disciples asked about His second coming. Christ related His return to the time period of Noah and the flood. Genesis 6-9 tells the account of how mankind became extremely corrupt from their actions to their imaginations. They refused to repent of their sinful deeds; therefore, God poured out His divine indignation. Only Noah found grace in God’s eyes. For the record, whenever God’s sends judgement His grace was extended beforehand. Even in the midst of God’s judgement grace is present! Just as the people of Noah’s day lived the routine of life without any concern for God, God’s Word, or the coming judgment, the world prior to the days of Christ’s second coming will live in similar fashion. They will not be concerned about the gospel, God’s Word or Christ’s second coming.

Before Christ’s return, the world will be consumed with sexual perversion (Luke 17:26-33). Luke’s gospel speaks of Noah just as Matthew did; although, Luke adds a section about Sodom. Genesis 19 records the historical account of Lot residing in Sodom and the complete sexual perverseness the society was involved in. All sorts of sexual sins were rampant in Sodom. This passage reveals how man is completely sinful and we are in desperate need for the Savior. With that in mind, Christ connects the Old Testament text to His return by revealing how the world will be contaminated with sexual perversion prior to His return. From prostitution to sex trafficking to adulterous affairs to sexual promiscuity to homosexuality, sexual sin has elevated to new heights in our modern culture.

Before Christ’s return, the world will criticize God’s Word of inspiration (2 Pet. 3:3-7). Peter is writing his second letter emphasizing how, there will be scoffers who ridicule the idea of a second coming. Skepticism may deny it. Hollywood may mock it. Modernism may ridicule it. Secular humanism may reject it. Evolutionism may laugh at it. Critics may scrutinize it, but Jesus Christ will return again. It seems as if many people in this post-modern culture think they are more intelligent than the writers of the Bible because of technological advances. Please know that the Egyptians were very intelligent people in ancient history, and, to this day, modern man does not fully comprehend how they built pyramids without all the equipment of today. Just because modern technological discoveries are more advanced than biblical times does not discredit the authenticity of the Scriptures. The Bible has been tested by man, but it remains trusted because it is the true Word of God!

Whether you accept it or reject it, Jesus Christ is coming again. Are you prepared for Christ’s return? Perhaps we are much closer to His second coming than you think!