Give Christ Preeminence

One of the highlights of my trip to Israel was visiting the Mount of Beatitudes.  Standing at the top of the mountain overlooking the Sea of Galilee was an unforgettable experience.  While gazing at the wonderful view, I began to recall Jesus’ sermon on the mount when He said to seek first the kingdom of God (Matt. 6:33).  On top of the Mount of Beatitudes, I was reminded of the importance of making Christ preeminent in my life.


Colossians 1:18 says, “And he is the head of the body, the church:  who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.”  The word preeminence literally means “to be first in rank or influence.”  Christ is to have the number one priority in the believer’s life.  Giving Christ the preeminence allows Him to have the greatest influence.  Does Jesus Christ have the preeminence in your life?


I’d like to briefly share with you three reasons why believers are called to give Christ preeminence:


Give Christ preeminence because He is God (Col. 1:15).  Jesus Christ is co-equal, co-existent and co-eternal with God the Father and God the Spirit.  The word image means the representation and manifestation of God.  Jesus Christ was just as much God as God is God, and just as much man as man is man.  He was fully God and fully man.  Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God.  His purpose was to die on Calvary’s cross to pay the penalty for sin.


Give Christ preeminence because He created all things (Col. 1:16-17).  Jesus Christ created all things in heaven and in earth.  We live in a designed cosmos not an undesigned chaos!  Jesus Christ created all things that are visible and invisible.  Jesus Christ created all things to bring glory to His name.  Jesus Christ is sovereign over His creation.  Jesus Christ holds all things in the universe together by His providential hand.


Give Christ preeminence because He is the head of the church (Col. 1:18-20).  News flash:  Jesus is the head of the body of Christ!  Jesus Christ defeated death, hell and the grave by marvelous and glorious resurrection.  Jesus Christ is to rank first in the life of the believer.  It’s time to check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Does Christ reign supreme in your heart?  Jesus Christ contains the divine, authoritative power to restore man’s relationship with God.


Jesus Christ is the image of God, the firstborn over creation, the creator of the universe, the head of the church, the firstborn from the dead, the fullness of God and the reconciler of all things.  Is Christ preeminent in your life?  Is Jesus number one in your life?  Does Christ rank supreme in your heart?

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  1. Wonderful message!!! If you read this blog and enjoyed it but haven’t heard pastor Bryan in person, you’re missing a great blessing. Clearbrook Baptist Church will joyfully welcome you….it’s a great place worship.

  2. Thank you Pastor Bryan! Love receiving these wonderful messages! May God continue blessing your life!

  3. Good job Bryan. Thanks for reminding me of our trip to Israel. What an awesome experience.

    1. It was an awesome trip, Pastor Lee! I’m very grateful to God I was able to go. Praying for you and your ministry!

  4. I was about 8 or 9 when I accepted god but strayed because he couldn’t hold my mom and dad together I cursed, ran away, started liking boys and would target the ones with cars to take me for a joy ride and eventually I married young but god has been there I just couldn’t accept that it wasent done as I wanted I have a wonderful man dad and mom remained friends and both married again What I cant figure out now is why wont he help me with medical issues and a lady I sat with who was with spinal issues and passed told me that I was to impatient as to his decisions She replied Do you think I wanna live everyday in pain and complain and run everyone away do you think I like looking at the others my age in the church be active? We prayed and she passed away about 2 weeks 4 days later One thing no one knows is I cared so much I would sing to her read passages and love her and sometimes even lay in the bed with her I know her pain so I did what I thought was the thing to do and help her pass with someone who understood she did pass 2 times on me but when I went to grab tissues I would blow so hard she came too and the moral of this story is she was “SNIPPITY towards her family at times” but when I came thru the house she would lift her head as much as she could and point to me to sit don’t work just sing love and read to me and by the way she said one day go home and take care of your family Let me go God is gonna be with me But dont forget me as no one can forget you when you are on a roll I think she meant my singing …. and or my ability to keep her awake with my phone constantly ringing .

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