2 Replies to “Episode 5: How to Reach Millennials, Part 1 with Brent Cummings”

  1. Hi Pastor Bryan, I just listened to your interview with Pastor Brent. It was great! His father, Pastor Kevin at Fincastle is where our grown kids worship! My husband & I were at Celebration Church Tuesday morning & were blessed by your music and message. And thank God for your testimony, using His gifts to serve others through your life. Praise God! I pray you are daily encpuraged in the Lord for you are blessed to be a blessing—Genesis 2. I look forward to hearing more podcasts from you, your messages & music .. Even though my hubby & I are “older”, I enjoy some contemporary Christian music. My husband knows the words of hymns better—I didn’t accept Jesus in my life until age 19 .. I’m so glad I’m in the family of God, filled with His Spirit! I

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